Latest update: 2006-11-19


 - Thermal and Structural Design and Analysis


TEISLEVenergy is an Engineering Company - founded early 2005 - and specializing in Design and Analysis of Thermal Systems and Mechanical Structures.


The Company is managed by Dr. Bjorn Teislev, who has a long history within these Disciplines and has been responsible for Sales, Technology, Research & Development and Production in various major Danish Companies.


Presently, TEISLEVenergy has activities mainly concentrated around Thermal Gasification of Biomasses and also Supercritical Processes for the cleaning of Wastewater Effluents and for upgrading the Organic Waste Materials into valuable Fuels. Furthermore, the Services offered include training of Customer Personnel and development of dedicated Software including Extensions to the Capabilities of the Microsoft Office Suite.


TEISLEVenergy is registered in Denmark under Business Registration Number 2856 4511 and the Company contact parameters are: Sleipnersvej 15, DK - 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark.


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